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Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy uses the Prudent Investor Rule as its foundation. This Rule requires the monies be invested as a prudent investor would. Each investment management relationship will have a mutually agreed upon investment objective based on the Rule. We apply Modern Portfolio Theory in the construction of the portfolio to meet the agreed upon investment objective. Simply put, Modern Portfolio Theory is a process of reducing risk in a portfolio through diversification both across asset classes and within these asset classes. The base assumption is that the investor desires the maximum possible return on their investment with the lowest possible risk. To desire a higher level of return requires a higher level of risk or assumed price volatility in their investment portfolio.


Determining the purpose of the account, distribution needs, time horizon and reviewing all other outside financial resources is crucial to the development of the investment objective. Once this investment objective is established, we will manage to this objective. Building, monitoring and adjusting the portfolio as needed will help in trying to achieve both the short and long term goals of each relationship.